Purpose-Driven Marketing is on the Rise

Purpose-Driven Marketing is on the Rise

The days of playing it safe are gone. Companies that take a stand are resonating with consumers and companies that are afraid to offend anyone are losing out. According to YouTube, cause-related ads have grown by 4 times over the past 5 years.

Purpose-Driven Marketing Leaves an Impression

Companies have been embracing a variety of issues including healthy living, safe driving and women’s empowerment. Brands like Procter & Gamble and Nike have found that embracing this strategy doesn’t just generate impressions, it also leaves an impression.

Even Pop Culture Has Noticed

But Do Purpose-Driven Ads Really Work?

Generating more views is great, but what about conversions? According to a study by Pixability (where they compared purpose-driven ads to regular ads), purpose-driven ads received more views and got more engagement from the viewer than non-purpose-driven ads.

What About the Risk?

The opportunity to offend people is definitely real, but the reward for standing up for things that the company stands for can really resonate with an audience. Consumers are savvier than ever and are choosing brands that share their values. The time is right to make a stand and speak to those potential customers.

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