Xpress Oil Change Plus Branding and Website

Xpress Oil Change Plus photography by Kulture Digital

We’ve been working with the Don Hewlett dealership in Georgetown for a few months and have big plans for 2018. Helping them launch their Xpress Oil Change Plus business is one of the larger projects we’ve been helping them with. We created their logo, designed graphics and promotional materials, shot photographs, and built their website.

Xpress Oil Change Plus Branding

Xpress Oil Change Plus branding by Kulture Digital

The first step was to develop the look for Xpress Oil Change Plus. This involved selecting the right font and color combinations that would establish the brand, and let people know at a glance what services Xpress provides. We believe that the end result conveys speed, friendliness and trust.

Design and Develop the Xpress Website

Xpress Oil Change Plus website created by Kulture Digital

Once the logo was created, we designed and developed the website utilizing the same elements that we used in the logo. Using the same fonts and colors is a great way to keep everything cohesive.

We also worked closely with the Don Hewlett team to write the informative and keyword-filled content for the website. Finally, to truly personalize the site, we chose to shoot photographs of real Xpress employees in action versus using standard stock photos.

Check out the Xpress Oil Change Plus website.

Xpress Oil Change Plus graphics created by Kulture Digital

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